"I wanted to take the time to thank you for all of the content that you have put together & shared via Gear Garage and on your online courses (I have taken 2). Some background --- I am 67 years old & a former whitewater kayaker (Class III paddler). I live in Ohio & had always run eastern rivers. Somewhere around 15 years ago I drifted away from the paddling world (work, etc). But I retired a couple of years ago & started 'jones-ing' for rivers again, but did not want to have to worry about having to do a 'combat roll' in whitewater. I stumbled on the idea of rafting vs kayaking and found Gear Garage on-line. Great content, info & presentation. I also discovered numerous western rivers that are Class II-III and I thought "I think I can do this." I then signed up & took for your Swiftware Rescue & Whitewater Rowing courses. Further inspired. Scored a permit for San Juan River in August. Thought that would be a good 'starter-river.' Rented a raft from 4 Corners Riversports in Durango, CO. Knowing that there is no substitute for time on the river - I just completed a 3-day rowing/rafting class in North Carolina that the NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center) put together for me (led by Will Norris). Learned alot & applied much of what I learned from your on-line courses. Looking forward to the full experience on the San Juan in late August (hope its not too low ... ). Anyways - I appreciate all that you do to support, educate & entertain the rafting community. Excited to be a part of it. Thanks!! SYOTR."

-Craig Davis

"In my mind, confidence, grounded in knowledge, is a really critical element to success on the oars. Zach's whitewater rowing course is rich with content & hyper-focused on safety, for yourself and others. Upon completion, your understanding of river safety, knots, navigation, reading water and plenty more, will be vastly improved."

- Chad Jeffries