River Navigation: Catching Eddies 101

Catching Eddies

In this video, Zach breaks down the basics of how to catch an eddy.

Pulling into Eddy Examples

Pulling is a good method but without being able to "pierce" through the eddy line with an aggressive angle it's challenging to cross the eddy line with this technique.

This should be your primary go-to method.

Pushing into Eddy Examples

Pushing into an eddy can be effective because you cross the eddy line by piercing through it at a near 90 degree angle. Your position, speed, angle and timing need to be just right to use this technique.

This is an intermediate technique that works really well with the right boat and the right eddy.

Downstream Ferry Examples

This technique is especially useful for higher volume rivers like the Grand Canyon where oar rafts tend to be heavy an eddies can be hard to catch.

This is an advanced technique that is very effective for catching difficult eddies since you are combining the power of pulling on the oars with aggressively "piercing" the eddy line.

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